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What is
Circuit Bitz?
Circuit Bitz is an Open Source PCB Design. By Open Source, we mean, all board designs will be available to everyone. This includes schematics, layout files, BOMs (Bill Of Materials), and Gerber files.

All boards will be a standard foot print, which allows the same project boxes and cases to be used for all boards. See Circuit Bitz Standard Page for more information. Circuit Bitz boards can be made up of several different boards that are connected to each other and fit inside standard foot print. This way during prototyping the boards can stay together until the circuits are tested. Later the boards can be broken apart and used in different location on the final project.

We see this project as a great way for hobbyists or designers to get there hands on quality boards and partial circuits, and piece them together into there prototype, much like a puzzle. Since everything is Open Source, the user can go to the website and download the pieces they need and cut and paste them together into there final project. This is a great way to get a jump start on your project, and it gives you a base to start from.